Wedding celebrations

 Your big day!

A wedding celebration can include all of the things you usually expect – white dress, bridesmaids, being given away, exchanging rings and promises…but you may also have something totally different in mind. A themed wedding – is Medieval re-enactment, Harry Potter or Ru Paul your thing? Perhaps you were envisaging making your promises beside a waterfall, or lake, in a marquee at home, at the village hall or in a hotel. All of these are possible!

So, why would you do it? There are many reasons why couples opt for a celebrant-led wedding occasion, for example you:

  • have been legally married in an official capacity (maybe in a Register office in the UK or overseas) but there was no opportunity for a larger celebration with family and friends. This was the case for many couples during the Covid-19 pandemic, which restricted numbers at weddings
  • were legally married some time ago and have now decided the time is right to celebrate your marriage
  • have a specific location in mind, but it is not an approved venue for the purposes of marriage
  • want more freedom to include music, readings, poetry, speeches which are not permitted within traditional or civil weddings conducted by a Registrar.
  • don’t want a time limit on your ceremony, as can often happen with the legal wedding ceremony

As there are no restrictions on the time or place of the wedding celebration, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your budget!). You have complete freedom to invite as many or as few guests as you like, choose any readings, poems etc (including spiritual ones), write your own promises, exchange gifts and/or rings, light candles or use other symbolic gestures such as sand ceremonies or hand-fasting, let your pet bring in the rings…you choose!

This explanation isn’t exhaustive, but gives an idea of the type of scenarios where couples choose a celebrant-led celebration. Typically, people complete the legal formalities for marriage before their celebration ceremony, but it could be an hour before, the day before – or five years before! A wedding celebration conducted by a celebrant like me is not a legally binding ceremony, which is why it is a great option in conjunction with a legal civil ceremony. You’re married in a simple ceremony which fulfils all the legal requirements, then have a personalised, bespoke celebration. The ideal solution for highly individual ceremonies.

I’m a friendly and creative person and will work with you to design the ceremony you want. It will be a day to remember and look back on for many years to come.

You are welcome to contact me to talk about your plans: I will be happy to discuss your options.